This waitin' is just a sequence of
apparently well-known strangers

Back and forth - Harry's steps
are splittin' time in fragments

Our man has still to come
To feed our appetite

I lie sittin' on a freyed stone
and let the storm breeze in.


from Hurry Up Harry - part 2, released February 15, 2012




Hox Vox Venezia

Hox Vox is a multimedia brand (music, videoclips, graphics), started in 2008, by Hox (b. Gianluca Missero, in Venezia, Italy - he plays also in Turbogrind Terrorizers and The Blasted Muffins). Influences are Residents, Zappa, Cardiacs, M. Patton, John Zorn, Pere Ubu, Gentle Giant, Can, Les Claypool. The music environment is rio / progressive rock, as a container for almost any genre. ... more

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