Saw You in Strada Nova

from by Hox Vox



I was walking down in Strada Nova
in an autumn midday
I had a zillion of things to do
so I quickened my pace
Suddenly, right after passing
the sandwich bar behind the casino,
I heard a voice
coming from inside the bar

"Hey, there's old Hox...
come back and let's have
an aperitif!"

Slowing down the pace,
I turned my head and I saw Harry...
He was overweight,
and I couldn't see
any expression in his face...
His eyes seemed watching
a point far behind me.
I felt like I didn't know him anymore,
like he turned to a stranger.

"Yeah" I said, "Hi ...well, I'm sorry
but I'm too late
really, I must go now,
but I'll be back tomorrow
and will have time for...
Awright, I go, see you next!"
And you said "fine!",
with a fake glacial enthusiasm
and disappeared into that bar
like a whale down the ocean

You already knew
there won't be another meeting
you’ll never see me again

Because your motto
was always "THEM OR US"
but you let them win.


from Hurry Up Harry - part 2, released February 15, 2012




Hox Vox Venezia

Hox Vox is a multimedia brand (music, videoclips, graphics), started in 2008, by Hox (b. Gianluca Missero, in Venezia, Italy - he plays also in Turbogrind Terrorizers and The Blasted Muffins). Influences are Residents, Zappa, Cardiacs, M. Patton, John Zorn, Pere Ubu, Gentle Giant, Can, Les Claypool. The music environment is rio / progressive rock, as a container for almost any genre. ... more

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