Overdose: Breakdown

from by Hox Vox

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GUITARS BY: David Preston


Dear Harry, I should have been a better friend.
Understanding dangerous digressions.
Removing harmful thoughts.
Keeping away from bad company.
Yes, I should have been a better friend to myself.

Now, together with David, I am going to recount the grand finale.
For three albums I have continued to mix allegories of your life with some of mine.
And in the end I don’t really know whether I’ve written a tribute to a deceased friend,
or the story of my own life, reflected in your special blend
of stratospheric bullshit and moments of genius.
Maybe it’s inevitably turned into a tribute to a generation
that’s been decimated by heroin and illusions.
Maybe it’s just the story of my own life
and I’m unknowingly recounting my own finale.

But now let’s talk about the last few minutes of Harry’s life.
After the overdose in the train he ended up in hospital
where he was convinced he would pull through,
until the three ghosts - that had been chasing him all his life -
appeared once again before him.
And so begins the final and much less welcome trip.

(thanks to Tony Lawson for checking my english in lyrics)


from Hurry Up Harry - part 3, released April 24, 2014




Hox Vox Venezia

Hox Vox is a multimedia brand (music, videoclips, graphics), started in 2008, by Hox (b. Gianluca Missero, in Venezia, Italy - he plays also in Turbogrind Terrorizers and The Blasted Muffins). Influences are Residents, Zappa, Cardiacs, M. Patton, John Zorn, Pere Ubu, Gentle Giant, Can, Les Claypool. The music environment is rio / progressive rock, as a container for almost any genre. ... more

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