The Wanderer

by Hox Vox

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It's a story about a doped killer on the way to catch his victim, during a whole night in Savannah (GA). Five scenes includes an introduction (The Wanderer), where the killer wake up from drugs effects, and the subsequent route through the latin area (La Posada de Joaquín Ortega), downtown (Downtown Strut), actually on Savannah harbour (Port of Savannah). Last three minutes of blistering hysterical chase are enclosed in ending track, Gotcha.


released June 5, 2010

Composed, arranged and played + graphics by Hox (Gianluca Missero).

Album certified through SafeCreative No. 1006076541491




Hox Vox Venezia

Hox Vox is a multimedia brand (music, videoclips, graphics), started in 2008, by Hox (b. Gianluca Missero, in Venezia, Italy - he plays also in Turbogrind Terrorizers and The Blasted Muffins). Influences are Residents, Zappa, Cardiacs, M. Patton, John Zorn, Pere Ubu, Gentle Giant, Can, Les Claypool. The music environment is rio / progressive rock, as a container for almost any genre. ... more

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Track Name: The Wanderer
I feel like I got
a gladiator dagger
stuck in my back.
Walking slowly down a hundred avenues
all equal in their filth
with the people who are all alike
turning like luggage on a conveyor belt
after a round trip they reappear.

Mmmmh, I don't care much about people
a city memory
is made of streets, lights, walls
I narrow my eyes
and the scenario all around
becomes a night time western town.

My bones now
are getting better
after a half night
spent in wandering.
I focus in on my valuable target
got an area and a face
I'm slowly approaching
on an uncertain route
that smoking meeting point.

Painstaking, rational, nervous Meticulous, logical, edgy
the circle narrows
as I approach my aim,
and whips pinch my nerves
I had a moment’s peace
but the pain is back again.

No, I don't have to give up
When I'm so close
to tastin' victory.
My mind rolls back
I leave praxis and dive
into that coffee smell
I could stop but won't lose time
I'm too intent on this mission
to enjoy a brief reprieve.

My hand is on the gun
Whilst I go over
my very next move
I only have to cross
the spanish district
in order to hit downtown.