Dada EP

by Hox Vox

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This EP includes first 4 tracks from forthcoming new record Dada, a concept album about Dadaism art movement seen through famous Dadaists’ points of view. Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara are two electronic ballads, winding between kraut rock and trip-hop. Hans Arp is a tragic cabaret piece with a war scenario on the background, George Grosz is quite Motown meet Stockhausen.


released August 9, 2010

Composed, arranged and played + graphics by Hox (Gianluca Missero).

Album certified through SafeCreative No. 1008097012196




Hox Vox Venezia

Hox Vox is a multimedia brand (music, videoclips, graphics), started in 2008, by Hox (b. Gianluca Missero, in Venezia, Italy - he plays also in Turbogrind Terrorizers and The Blasted Muffins). Influences are Residents, Zappa, Cardiacs, M. Patton, John Zorn, Pere Ubu, Gentle Giant, Can, Les Claypool. The music environment is rio / progressive rock, as a container for almost any genre. ... more

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Track Name: Hans Arp

Disgusted by the slaughter of the World War in 1914, we dedicated ourselves to the fine arts in Zurich.

While in the distance the thunder of the cannons rumbled, we sang, painted, glued, wrote with all our strength.

We were looking for an elemental art which would heal people of the madness of the times and a new order which would restore the balance between heaven and hell.

Madness and murder were competing with each other as Dada was born of primeval sources in Zurich in 1916.

The people who were not directly involved in the horrible insanity of the World War acted as though they didn’t understand what was taking place all around them.

They stared into space with glassy eyes like lost lambs.

Dada sought to wake them up from their pitiful impotence.

Dada abhorred resignation.